I Partner


Responsible for the project management, coordination of activities and partners, development of ICT solutions and some surveys carried out starting from satellite data
Private company founded at the end of 2005 engaged in both consultancy and development and integration activities relating to ICT systems. The company's goal is to develop and offer innovative applications and services in various market sectors based on the integration of technologies such as: Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Satellite Communication, UAV Systems, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mobile Technologies


Responsible for the development of observational systems, mounted on mini / micro UAVs, to identify and monitor degradation phenomena at the scale of the site and of the single monument, as well as identify buried structures of archaeological interest
Innovative company founded in late 2013 with the aim of exploring the growing UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) market; its mission is focused on the study and development of complex systems that use UAS and / or customized payloads to add value to traditional production sectors


Responsible for the development of a subsoil diagnostics and monitoring system thanks to the integrated use of georadar, holographic radar and electrical resistivity tomography
The institute carries out scientific and technological research activities related to the development of methodologies and technologies for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of images and data obtained from electromagnetic sensors operating from various observation platforms to support land management. , surveillance / security and risk assessment

Knowledge for Business

Responsible for the dissemination of the aims and activities of the project and organization of dedicated stands, with demonstration and dissemination purposes
Consulting and services company that offers a targeted service for access to finance and the design of research and development interventions. He deals with internationalization activities, particularly in China, and with communication and event organization. Since 2016 it has been producing Innovation Village, the main event dedicated to innovation in Southern Italy